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About me


Maximilian Kindel - from the Berlin starred gastronomy


"When I am within my daily work, I notice again and again the value of dealing with food in my life. Growing up with "bread" in my veins, I was quickly focused on the kitchen after school. I started in a canteen where I did an internship at the FACIL Berlin restaurant.The chef recognized my potential and persuaded my parents to finish my training in the metropolis Berlin at the two star Michelin Restaurant FACIL.


A daring step? ... a prime example of my will to cook at the highest level. Long hours in various top restaurants created impressions and experiences, which I now use to create new things.


My vision was to make the essence of my years of experience in the best restaurants in Germany tangible and palatable.


The result: Zwanzig10 Gin


With attention to detail, extraordinary flavors and the highest quality standards, I create a wide variety of products. Each of my products is handmade and self-produced, true to the motto #handmadequalityproducts. "

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