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Cocktail recipes

With these cocktail recipes you can refine our Zwanzig10 gin!

MaiTai Gin.jpg

Ramble Bamble

Signature drink

In the shaker:

5cl twenty10 gin

8cl pineapple juice

1cl passion fruit syrup

8cl orange juice

4cl lemon squash

Juice of half a lime


4cl Indian Tonic from Thomas Henry


6cl twenty10 gin

1 cinnamon stick in the drink

200ml bitter lemon from Thomas Henry


Basil Smash

In the shaker:

4cl twenty10 gin

4cl pineapple juice

2cl lemon squash

5 fresh basil leaves


In the shaker:

8cl twenty10 gin

6cl grapefruit juice

2cl lemon squash

Juice of half a lemon


4cl Mediterranean Tonic

by Fever Tree

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